5 Ways to Increase Content Visibility on Social Networks

5 Ways to Increase Content Visibility on Social Networks


Here are some useful tips on how you can increase your content visibility in Social Media in 2019

Create a High Quality Blog

This is what SEO professionals always advise if your websites doesn’t have one it is your job to create it now. Using right titles and keywords for each blog post, you will attract the right audience to your website, the one that is searching for you and needs your advice, tips, product or services. Show people what they need and turn them into your loyal customers. This is the best way of inbound marketing, because people make decisions by searching the Internet and often know what they are going to purchase online even before even entering stores or websites. Also, this will be a proof of the trustworthiness and reliability of your company. Giveaway necessary tips for free so they would come back for more and finally convert into your customers.

Share your Content on Social Media

Content is king and it is what every digital marketing specialist knows. In 2019 having a great content is not enough you also have to be present on social media. You want to make your content shareable, engaging and relevant. It will be useful to add social buttons to your every post so people will be able to share it immediately on social networks like Facebook or Twitter and etc. Nowadays social media presence is very important and you don’t have to just share your blog content once, you want to continue sharing it with your followers, highlighting different aspects of your blog posts. Even if your audience is not on Facebook you have to have a high quality Facebook page with reviews, otherwise people will not consider your company trustworthy. What we do when we are trying to find a new company in the searching stage? Yes, we are trying to find that company on Facebook and if this page doesn’t look good enough it obviously influence on our decision.


Use Hashtags

Almost all social media websites have hashtags and this is where it is necessary to be creative. Always follow the hashtag trends but keep it relevant, not all hashtags can make sense for your posts. To stay relevant follow the trending hashtags you are planning to use and see what kind of posts are the most popular out there. Posting your content with the trending hashtags increases the chances for your post to be seen by more people but don’t end up going too far from the intention of the hashtag and your posts niche.

Use Trending Topics

It is obvious that you are not going to create a content which is not relevant. Trending topics usually not last very long, sometimes even hours. Make your website content flexible and work on content which is not very large and doesn’t take much time to create. Nowadays everything changes very fast and if you want to catch a moment you have to be as flexible as it is possible. Mainly try to invest your time and resources in a content which is easy to make and finding your target audience every day rather than spending hours on a work that’s gonna last for seconds.

Collect Testimonials

This is very important if you are selling a product or service. Try to collect as much consumer or clients testimonials as it is possible. This way your company will gain a good reputation and trustworthiness. You always read someone’s testimonial in socials or another kind of websites before buying a product or service especially if it is expensive and without any doubt, these reviews always influence your decision to purchase.

As you can see, nowadays the most important aspect of the good marketing strategy is content. We see a crazy amount of content on the internet and most of the content is given for free. Everyone can create a content every day and the most powerful tool for sharing your content is Social Media. Try to have new content on your blog from 1 up to 3 times in a week with the blog posts not less than 600 words and not only articles videos are becoming more and more popular day by day. This will also help your website’s SEO. Boost your content in social media before it will become more expensive, especially on Facebook and you will see the results.

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