Blog Ideas For Sports | Start a Sports Blogging


Blog Ideas For Sports | Start a Sports Blogging

Sports blogs are incredibly popular on the web. Every major basketball, cricket, football, baseball and rugby team has dozens of blogs dedicated to them and most of the very well. There are also thousands of blogs about non-sports such as badminton, golf, tennis, judo, running, etc.

First of all, sports is not a small niche, it has several Micro Niches like Football, Cricket, Olympics, World-cup and much more.

If you plan to start a niche blog like complete sports, it would be difficult to cover every single topic with a single author. Instead, if you choose to micro niches, it will help you to write more specifically and you can cover almost all the topics in detail.

One of the benefits of starting a sports blog, the niche is not too competitive unlike technology, health, wealth, etc. So that it will be easy to rank keywords on the popular search engines like Google.

If you actively follow a sports team or participate in a sport regularly you might want to consider starting a sports blog in the future. If you write high quality original articles then I have no doubt that your blog will grow quickly and will become popular with other fans.

Again, I stress that half the battle with blogging is writing about something you are interested in. Do not cover the subject just because you think you will make more money. Any blog topic can be profitable if it turns out to be successful about what you are passionate about and it will show in your posts.


Also, you will get enough affiliate and digital products to monetize your blog through the affiliate sites like Clickbank, and Commission Junction, and more.

You can choose to micro niches depends on your interest and knowledge. some of the popular micro niches are following

  • Football, Soccer / Team / Player
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Racing, Boxing, Swimming
  • Tennis, Volleyball
  • Hunting, Shooting
  • Worldcup, Asian Cup, Europe Cup
  • Best players, top 10 teams, best moment and many more ...

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