Best Photography Blog Ideas For Micro Niche Blogging


Best Photography Blog Ideas For Micro Niche Blogging

Photography blog is one of the easiest and powerful niches that you can start if you have a DSLR Camera and interested in a different kind of photography.

Some of them are Food photography, Black & White photography, Macro photography, Natural photography, Documentary photography, and much more.

If you start a photography blog, not only you can share the photos you have taken to the people, But also you can share the photography tips & techniques with your audience to make a better feature in this field.

You can use affiliate programs like Amazon associate to monetize your photography blog. Some of the best products that you can promote, DSLR camera, Laptops, Software, Photography tools, etc…

You can also write about micro niches like

Child Photography

These days more than ever before, people want to document the various milestones of their children. This is one of the reasons why those in the child photography niche can make more money. Therefore you can look to get trained in this niche and then make good money from this trade.


Fashion Photography

Fashion and trends come and go. What is in vogue this minute might not necessarily be in vogue next season? This is one of the reasons why you may consider being a fashion photographer so that you can capture what the industry is really like and how it evolves. You can do this by covering fashion shows, events, red carpet sessions and what have you.

Commercial Photography

This is a wonderful niche especially if you want to attract big brands as clients. It will entail that you are versed in the branding niche. This is because you will have to deal with Products, Advertising and Marketing imaging.

Pet Photography

If you are in love with pets you may want to consider starting a photography business that revolves around this. This is why you can consider that pet photography niche. It is an interesting niche and more and more people are making good money from it.


Wildlife Photography

There are some experts who are saddled with capturing various wildlife themes. This is one area that you can look at going into if you have the penchant for wildlife photography. There is always a ready market for this kind of business.

Glamour Photography

This niche is relatively a good one as more and more people have continued to do well in this niche. You too can make good money from this trade if you do your due diligence.

Digital Photo Editing

A lot of people are in the photography trade. This is enough reason to be in the photo editing niche. One of the ways that you can help solve the problem in this niche is by doing all you can to see that you do so well.

Nature Photography

The beauty of nature cannot be quantified. This is why it becomes really vital that nature is captured through the lenses. Those who choose this path of photography can be sure to make good money as the market is very wide.


Sports Photography

The sports business all over the globe is serious business. This is why you should not toy with the sporting niche. If you want to delve into a niche you may want to consider the  sporting niche. This is because it is broad and attracts a lot of people.

Travel Photography

If you love travelling you can tinker with converting this into a business. One of the ways to do this is to start a travelling photography business. There is a lot to be garnered and you can be sure to make good money from it.


Documentary Photography

This niche at the moment is selling like wildfire as more and more people are beginning to start this photography business. This is because more and more documentaries have continued to emerge. If you think you do not want to miss out on the documentary niche, then you need to take documentary photography seriously.

Scientific Photography

This has to do with capturing any scientific trend and milestone. This sort of photography appeals to people who have a strong penchant for science. This photography niche isn’t saturated just yet and so you can make a big entrance into this niche and harness what it has in store.

Health Photography

There is a lot going on in the health industry. This is why it would be a very good move to become a health photographer. You would be saddled with capturing all the milestones and trends in the health industry.

Entertainment Photography

This is different from being a celebrity photographer. What you would be required to do in this instance is to go all out and capture happenings in the entertainment and showbiz world through your lenses. You can thereafter sell the pictures to those that might be in need of it.


Technology Photography

The technology photographer is saddled with things that have to do with technology. Some of them include capturing the new release of phones, electronics and other gizmos.

Festivals  Photography

Whenever Festival  comes, people are usually excited and this is one of the reasons the celebration is always a memorable one. It is for this reason that you may look at starting a business around festivals photography.

Plant Photography

There are plenty of plants and leafy things. As a matter of fact there are several ways that you can capture plant images and turn them into money making venture. You will need to be in love with plants for you to be able to do this well.

Bird Photography

If you have always loved birds, one way to take this passion to another level is to start a bird photo capturing venture. There are a lot of people who will be interested in seeing images captured with birds.


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