Micro Niche Ideas Blogging Made Easy

Finding a good idea for micro niche blogging is not very hard these days. There are millions of product ranges and micro niches within them. All you have to do is think a little bit outside the normal boxes of society.

The key to delving into a great micro niche idea is to look around you at individual products in your own home and think: 
  • is there a lot of similar products available online?
  • is this product something everyone needs on a yearly/monthly basis?
  • is there a large demand for this product?
  • is there a micro niche within this product range?

Let me show you an example. But first, let me just clear up one important issue. 

Blogging Ideas – Common Mistake

The biggest mistake I see all the time, and I have made this mistake myself, is choosing a niche which is too broad. Targeting a broad niche is pointless because the competition is so fierce and you are up against large companies which huge budgets.

This is exactly why you should choose a micro niche.

Micro Niche Ideas Blogging For Beginners

Micro Niche Ideas

So, let me show you an example. In this example let me start by choosing a niche: Soap

Niche = Soap

a very broad niche and it needs to be cut down to size by targeting a particular type of soap.

Niche = baby soap

this narrows the search own to a particular type of soap but it can still be sectioned into an even more “micro niche”

Niche = johnson baby soap

much clearer and targeted niche. This is a good example of a good micro niche.
Please Note – do not use this in real life. This was just an example of how you could dissect a niche into a micro niche.

micro niche ideas

Take Your Time For Choose a Micro Niche

When you are looking for a profitable niche to blog about, take your time. Do not simply spend one evening finding a few good keywords and jump into it.

Research it properly and find at least 50 low competition keyword you can use for articles and pages withing your website.

Research Your Micro Niche Ideas

Research is key in building a profitable and sustainable blog.
However, in the meantime, here are a few pointers to steer you in the right direction. Make sure you complete these steps BEFORE you buy a domain and set up your blog.

1. Find enough keywords and content you can write about;

make sure you find at least 50 low competition  keywords for which you can create quality content around.
make sure there is enough content ideas regarding your micro niche. By this I mean; if you are struggling to find new content ideas, by the time you have collected 50 keywords for blog posts and product reviews, then perhaps your chosen micro niche is not the right one?

2. Choose a micro niche with lots of products and future products;

make sure your chosen micro niche has longevity about it. Consumable items or long lasting hobbies and products which people need to purchase on a frequent basis.

the benefit of this is that you will always have fresh content to write about because new products are released all the time.

3. Avoid gimmicks and fad products;

every month there is a new fad or gimmick such as the new fidget spinners or a new celebrity diet. Avoid these at all costs because they disappear just as quickly as they emerge. Remember the ice bucket challenge? If you have s specific strategy in place for a temporary fad website then go for it but to create a long-term and stable income you do need to focus on a solid micro niche idea.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Now that you have a better idea of how to narrow down the search for a perfect micro niche to blog about, you can start your own research.

One last tip would be to blog about something you can imagine yourself writing a lot about. Imagine you are choosing a course to study at University, you would want to choose a subject you already have an interest or passion for, right?

The same applies to blogging, so make sure you undertake a micro niche for which you have a long-term interest.

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