Micro Niche Blogging With Beauty and Fashion Blog Topic Ideas


Micro Niche Blogging With Beauty and Fashion Blog Topic Ideas

Beauty and Fashion is an interesting blogging niche that anyone can start if they are interested, and especially for ladies.

It would be easy to find contents to write on your blog as Beauty and Fashion is a big area where you can find lots of stuff.

In addition, If you are a person who loves the latest fashion and beauty trends, then just by writing wonderful contents you will be more exposed and become a famous person in this field.

Many cosmetics, beauty products and fashion trends coming and going around the world today and it might be hard to look around for reliable tips that fit any lifestyle of a woman.

Such tips can be easily found on the internet – by means of fashion and make-up blogs that will teach you the basics and some tricks.

They will also give you advice on certain beauty products and recommendations on some of them. Hair, dress and make-up tutorials are also there to serve women from all over the world, and you can do it to!

If you’re bent on starting a fashion blog, then getting the right ideas for topics should be the first step. With the right approach, you can easily share your beauty expertise.

Talking about monetization opportunity, this type of blog can monetize using different techniques like Affiliate programs, Google Adsense, or even you can hook up with fashion companies to promote and get a decent amount of commissions through your blog


In this post, I have prepared a list of ideas (micro niche) to help you generate topics for your fashion and beauty blog.

  • Make Up Basics
  • Make Up Trends
  • Beauty Tips
  • How to pick the right products
  • Fashion Trends
  • Hair Tips
  • Make Up Reviews
  • Skin Care Reviews
  • Body Product Reviews
  • Face Product Reviews
  • Latest Mens Fashion
  • Latest Womens Fashion
  • Latest Kids Fashion
  • Make Up Tool Review
  • Best Beauty Products
  • Best & Worst Hair Products
  • Product Comparison
  • Top Beauty Products
  • Everyday look
  • Inspired Look
  • Celebrity Look
  • Seasonal Looks (Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, New Years)
  • Special Event Looks
  • Look of the Day
  • Outfit of the Day
  • Outfit Transformations (Day to Night Outfits, Office, Party Outfits)
  • Before & After
  • Hair Tutorials
  • DIY tutorials (Cleaning brushes, DIY, Quick & Easy Hairstyles)
  • Eyebrow Tutorials
  • Nail Tutorials

I hope this list helps and I encourage any friends to feel free to add topics to this list by commenting below.

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