Best Blog Ideas for Food Bloggers | Food Blogging Tips


Best Blog Ideas for Food Bloggers | Food Blogging Tips

The food blog is always a great niche to drive more traffic to your site as millions of peoples are searching for new recipes and related keywords on search engines like Google.

The only disadvantage is that it would be difficult to earn money through affiliate marketing. Because peoples are landing on your page searching for recipes and food-related keywords, and it’s hard to convert your audience to customers as they are not searching for any product.

But if you are passionate about a different kind of food and recipes, still you can write and monetize your blog using display ads like Google Adsense and create your own recipes book and sell  to your website or amazon.

There are a lot of micro niches are available for food blogs,

  • Cooking recipes
  • Food all over the world
  • Chocolate, Cakes
  • Restaurants review
  • See food
  • Food Photography
  • Diet foods
  • Video of experience at restaurant
  • Healthy foods
  • Review a Cookbook
  • Try making a foreign dish
  • seasonal recipe
  • Try a different culture recipes
  • Create a food challenge of your own
  • Cooking and reviewing recipes
  • My Favorite foods
  • Make a smile with food

I hope this list helps and I encourage any foodie to feel free to add topics to this list by commenting below.

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